How does the trough composter compost organic fertilizer?

The trough composter is a type of manure compost fermentation equipment, which can process poultry manure into organic fertilizer through the principle of aerobic fermentation. Trough composting is a composting method in which the compost mixture is placed in a long trough structure for fermentation. The oxygen supply of the trough compost is completed by a composter. The composter moves along the longitudinal axis of the trough and stirs the compost during the migration process. The compost depth in the compost tank is 1.2 to 1.5 meters, and the compost fermentation time is 3 to 5 weeks.

How does the trough composting machine compost organic fertilizer?

1. Build two troughs with a height of 1.5-1.8 meters and a length of 60-80m. The distance between the two troughs is set according to the type of trough composter used, which is generally 3-10 meters.
2. Set a light track on the groove.
3. A trough type flipping machine capable of moving forward, backward, left and right, and up and down on the track is installed.
4. Mix livestock and poultry manure with microbial fermentation agent or fermented old materials, and use a trough-type throwing machine to turn the materials in the trough once every day, so that the fermented materials can be fully combined with oxygen to rapidly ferment.
5. Fresh livestock and poultry manure enters the trough from one side and is continuously turned and moved to the other side of the trough via a trough-type throwing machine to form a rotten organic fertilizer. It takes about 7 days in summer and 15 days in winter.

What are the advantages of a trough composter?

1. The trough composter is fully hydraulically driven to achieve flexible transmission;
2. The trough composter has a compact structure and stable operation;
3, the trough composting machine has a good turning and throwing effect, high efficiency, and has mixing, crushing and displacement functions;
4, trough composting machine has a high degree of automation, realizes the function of central remote control and one-button operation, and can also realize the real-time transmission of temperature, moisture, oxygen content, etc. in the stack according to user needs.