How to maintain organic fertilizer equipment?

The organic fertilizer equipment industry is developing very rapidly. The policy encouragement of this country is inseparable. However, as for mechanical equipment, organic fertilizer equipment also has the same failures as most mechanical equipment. Equipment to analyze how to maintain organic fertilizer equipment for everyone.

The role of organic fertilizer equipment

Organic fertilizer equipment processes livestock manure to produce organic fertilizer, which can be divided into two methods: static processing and dynamic processing. Enterprises can reasonably arrange production according to different manure sources, site sizes, and fertilizer requirements. Organic fertilizer equipment design not only solves the environmental pollution caused by the storage of agricultural breeding waste, but also improves the soil structure and crop yield. Taking a sustainable development path for agriculture plays a very important role.

How to maintain organic fertilizer equipment?

1. Because the rubber or plastic products of organic fertilizer equipment are affected by oxygen in the air and ultraviolet rays in the sun, they are easy to age and deteriorate, making the rubber parts less elastic and easy to break. Therefore, organic fertilizer equipment should be protected from direct sunlight.
2. For organic fertilizer equipment working outdoors, it is best to coat the rubber surface with hot paraffin oil for storage of rubber parts, put it on an indoor shelf, cover it with paper, keep it ventilated and dry.

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