How is high quality organic fertilizer produced?

Organic fertilizer is also known as “farm fertilizer.” Organic matter (a compound
containing carbon) is used as a fertilizer, and is called an organic fertilizer. Including
human excrement, manure, compost, green manure, cake fertilizer, biogas fertilizer
and so on. It has many characteristics, such as wide variety, wide source and long
fertilizer efficiency. The nutrients contained in organic fertilizers are mostly in an
organic state, and it is difficult to directly use them. It is necessary to use organic
equipment to slowly release a variety of nutrients through the action of
microorganisms, and continuously supply nutrients to crops.

The production of any qualified high quality organic fertilizer must pass through
the composting process. Composting is a process in which organic matter is
continuously degraded and stabilized under the action of microorganisms under
certain conditions, and a product suitable for land use is produced. Our company’s
crawler-type push aircraft and trough composting machines and other composting
equipment are durable and evenly turned.

With the increasing level of modernization of agriculture, organic food has received
more and more attention. The emphasis is on ecological agriculture. The organic
fertilizer produced by organic fertilizer equipment is the wheel that promotes the
progress of ecological agriculture. And in the organic fertilizer equipment, it has
also received strong support from the state. In many places, there are specialized
equipment and production lines to produce better organic fertilizers.

In terms of policy support, many local governments have given a lot of help to
organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers. Because of this, on the one hand, it not
only treats domestic garbage, but also reduces environmental pollution, and on the
other hand, it also turns waste into treasure and produces valuable organic
fertilizer. Therefore, many local governments will give strong support to the
production and use of organic fertilizer. As a leader in domestic organic fertilizer
equipment factory, we are more professional, and the company’s organic fertilizer
production line has been well received by customers. The main products are
10,000-200,000 tons of compound fertilizer production line, and complete sets of
organic fertilizer production equipment.

What equipment is needed to make high quality organic fertilizer?
1. Fermentation. Track-type turner for ground strip pile, or trough type throwing
machine for placing material in fermentation tank
2, crushed. Smash the fermented material
3. Stir. The pulverized material enters the mixer for mixing
4. Granulation. The stirred raw material enters the granulator and granulates
5, into the dryer and cooler
6, automatic packaging machine package for sale

Production Line
Advantages of Organic Fertilizer Production Line
1. This organic fertilizer production line or organic fertilizer plant is not only
suitable for produce organic fertilizer, but also bio-organic fertilizer if function
bacteria is added; and npk organic fertilizer, organic and inorganic fertilizer if
nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is added.
2. The size of organic fertilizer granules can be adjusted according to customer’s
need. There are various kinds of organic fertilizer granulator machine being
provided in our factory, such as new type organic fertilizer mixing granulator, disc
granulator, double roller press granulator, and bio-organic fertilizer spherical
granules granulator etc. Customers can produce different shapes of granules using
our fertilizer granulator machine.