How to build an organic fertilizer plant in China?

As a manufacturer specializing in the production of organic fertilizer equipment, our organic fertilizer equipment is spread all over the world. With the widespread use of organic fertilizers, more and more fertilizer manufacturers are turning to organic fertilizers. However, the process of some organic fertilizer plants is not very clear. As a manufacturer of organic fertilizer equipment, we are here to give you a generalization.

Construction of organic fertilizer plant process:

1. Submit a “feasibility report” to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau project → Environmental Protection Department (for environmental assessment) → Development and Reform Commission (formal project) → apply for business license – organization code certificate → registered capital (bank account opening).
2. The establishment of the company’s business scope must include organic fertilizer sales and production, organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers. The procedures required by the company refer to the “Company Law”. After obtaining the business license, we must improve all the procedures required by the company, including tax registration and enterprise code.
3. Construction factory: During the application process of fertilizer registration, relevant personnel will come to the factory for sampling and testing. Machine fertilizer equipment manufacturers, there are two purposes in the sampling of the factory, one is to see if your factory is standardized, and the second is to personally sample and test whether your product meets the standard. Therefore, the factory must be built first.

4. Apply for a trademark: You must apply for your own trademark and design the product packaging.
5. Submit the fertilizer registration certificate application: After the company’s business license, factory, own trademark and product packaging, you can apply for fertilizer registration to the Provincial Department of Agriculture, and receive a temporary fertilizer registration certificate. Machine fertilizer equipment manufacturers, if the factory and sample testing are qualified, the Provincial Agricultural Department will set up a temporary fertilizer registration certificate.

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