How to build the infrastructure of the organic fertilizer production line equipment installation?

The current demand for organic fertilizer market is relatively large, so the organic fertilizer equipment market is also very broad, but I believe that there will be many problems in the purchase and installation of organic fertilizer production line equipment. The following organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers Henan Gate Heavy Industry technicians for everyone How to build the infrastructure of the organic fertilizer production line equipment installation?

organic fertilizer equipment

Precautions for the construction of organic fertilizer equipment:

1.Site selection

The construction of organic fertilizer equipment sites should be flat, leeward, sunny, and there are no tall buildings and trees covering the site. When building in the mountains, avoid the vents, and the sloping sheds should be on the south slope. The construction site should be fertile, well drained and low groundwater. Water source is an important factor to consider when choosing a construction site. Because there is no way to accept natural precipitation after the environmental protection equipment is built, it is necessary to supplement the water by hand to meet the production needs. Therefore, choosing a site far from the water source will make the water supply a big problem. Many organic fertilizer devices fail because they are far away from the water source and should be noticed.

organic fertilizer equipment

2. Support construction

The construction of the equipment for the construction of the bracket organic fertilizer production line must meet the requirements of economy, efficiency and practicality. The direction of construction should be north-south as long as the conditions permit the equipment, because the light transmission amount of the north-south direction equipment is 5-7% higher than the east-west direction, and the light distribution is uniform, and the daytime temperature change of the equipment is gentle.

organic fertilizer equipment

3. Greenhouse construction standards

The organic fertilizer equipment greenhouse is generally 3.0 meters high, 6-8 meters wide, and the height to width ratio is 0.38-0.40, and the single large pole area is about 0.5 mu. The greenhouse is too short, people can not stretch the agricultural activities in the machinery, and the space is small and the insulation performance is poor; the equipment is too high, the material is wasted, the wind is easily damaged, and the stability is poor.