What are the advantages of the GateCorp urea crusher?

The urea crusher is a medium-sized horizontal cage pulverizer, which is mainly used for hard grain materials such as urea, monoammonium and diamine, or other materials with higher hardness. GateCorp’s urea crusher has been improved to provide a significant increase in the water suitability of materials, and some allow water to reach 30 to 40 percent. The urea pulverizer is widely used, not only for the processing of chemical fertilizers, but also for the pulverization of raw materials such as blended fertilizers. To sum up, as long as the water content is not too high, it can be crushed.

Advantages of urea crusher
1. The crushing ratio is large, and the crushing effect on the bulk and middle blocks is good.
2. The urea crusher works smoothly during the pulverization process and has low noise.
3. The machine not only has simple transmission mechanism, but also has only rotor and lining for wearing parts. The rest of the parts can withstand long-term use without failure. The urea crusher is easy to operate and can quickly use the machine.
4. Compared with other pulverizers, it has strong adaptability to material humidity.

5. urea crusher Easy installation Due to the compact structure, the weight of the pulverizer is lighter than other types of pulverizers under the same production capacity, and the space and foundation required for installation are small. It can be installed above the ground.
6. The particle size of the crushed product can be adjusted according to the number of revolutions of the rotor, the thickness of the stick, the number of layers, and the number of layers, and the granularity of the product can be adjusted within a wide range.

Usage of urea crusher
Before use, put the urea crusher in a certain position in the workshop. It can be used without the equipment foundation. Connect the power supply. The fineness of the pulverization is controlled by the double roller spacing. The smaller the spacing,
the finer the fineness, the lower the output, and the even feeding. The better the smashing effect, the higher the output. The device can be designed to be mobile according to the user’s requirements. When the user uses the corresponding position, it is very convenient to move away when not in use.