How to choose disc granulator and drum granulator in fertilizer production?

In order to compare the two methods correctly, a quantitative comparison was made between the rotary drum granulator and the disk granulator.In the same workshop, in the same granulation process, process raw materials, monitoring conditions are the same, using the disc granulator and drum granulator granulator at the same time granulation, the following conclusions are drawn:

(1) disc granulator and drum granulator capital construction investment is roughly equal;
(2) disc granulation process of the building space is about 10% less;
(3) disc granulator and drum granulator of the same physical labor;
(4) disc granulator power consumption is higher;
(5)Disk granulator noise is lower;

(6)Plate granulator required by the product screening equipment is smaller;
(7) from the product quality, the disc granulator and drum granulator quality is very high.
From the perspective of pelleting cost, the disc pelletizer is only 2% lower than the drum pelletizer.Such a small difference makes it impossible for us to make a simple choice between the two, according to the actual production needs, the choice of disc granulator and drum granulator can refer to the following methods:

(1)Disc granulator with automatic classification, occupying less land, low cost, flexible operation, easy to observe and other characteristics.Therefore, it can be used in the pelleting process of making blocks with accurate size and various kinds of materials.
(2) drum granulator with large production capacity, material retention time is long, a variety of processes at the same time.Therefore, the drum granulator is suitable for granulating materials that are not easy to granulate, and is suitable for mass production.