How to deal with the dust problem of organic fertilizer equipment?

With the development of science and technology, China’s organic fertilizer equipment and other agricultural machinery industries have developed rapidly and achieved very good results in terms of technology and performance. We all know that the country has strict management on environmental protection. When organic fertilizer equipment makes organic fertilizer, a small amount of dust will also appear. This dust needs to be removed. Pursue the zero pollution of organic fertilizer equipment and set up its own unique banner in the market.

How does the dryer do dust removal?

1. The dryer is the most prone to dust during the production of the entire organic fertilizer equipment. Because the material will be dried when it is dried, we can use a cyclone or water curtain duster to remove the dust. Withdraw for precipitation and filtration.
2. In the production of organic fertilizer equipment, a small dust-removal room can be built next to the dryer, and the dust is drawn into the dust-removal room by a fan for standing.

How to remove dust from organic fertilizer equipment?

During the construction of organic fertilizer equipment, most of them use organic waste and perishable materials. So when the raw materials are stored and stored, the odor will be generated when unloading. When pulverizing the pruning, if a shearing pulverizer is used, basically no dust is generated. The odor and water vapor produced by the organic fertilizer equipment during the fermentation process will significantly decrease with the end of the primary fermentation, and will disappear when the secondary fermentation is completed.