How to maintain the roll granulator for fertilizer?

Extrusion granulator is also called right-roll granulator, which is the key equipment for granulating organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. The double-roll extrusion granulator is produced by non-drying normal temperature process, with output of 1-1.5 tons / hour and 1.5-3 tons / hour. The roller extrusion granulator adopts the eugenic formula, which does not need to be dried, and is produced at room temperature, and the product is rolled and formed at one time.

Notes on the operation of the roll granulator

1. Before starting the roll granulator, check whether there is any debris in the machine.
2. Check whether the various parts in the machine are normal on the roll granulator.
3. It is strictly forbidden to start the roll granulator with load.
4. After the roll granulator is started, check whether the direction of rotation is correct. If it is rotated in the reverse direction, immediately stop the adjustment and confirm that the rotation is stable, no noise, and no friction noise. Then start production.

Maintenance of roll granulator

1. If the roll granulator exceeds the trend value, determine whether the idling current or power value of the main motor exceeds the specified value, and determine whether the bearing should be replaced.
2. Regularly check the alignment between the main motor output shaft of the roll granulator and the input shaft of the gearbox. You must check the alignment after three months of first start-up or bearing replacement.
3. Perform electrical test inspection to determine the cause of rotor imbalance; perform vibration speed test on the clutch, and if it exceeds the specified value, readjust the dynamic balance.
4. Regularly check the heating and cooling system of the roller granulator to ensure that the material is heated evenly and fully.