How to solve the common fault problems of organic fertilizer equipment

In the process of using, there will be various problems. These problems are actually normal phenomena. After using the organic fertilizer for a period of time, it will inevitably lead to failure. This kind of failure is related to the service life and maintenance of the organic fertilizer equipment. The effect is directly proportional to the problem, we have to solve the problem in time, so that we can not affect the work, then we need to solve the common fault problems of organic fertilizer equipment?

We first take the organic fertilizer equipment in the process of using the motor overheating and its sound is not normal. We should do this example. Generally, we need to look at the following points:

1. The bearing is poorly lubricated or is worn out seriously;

2. Poor contact in the switch circuit, or single-phase disconnection;

3. Is the voltage too low? If the granulator is not working properly during operation, the cylinder is caught by the obstacle, and even the cylinder cannot be rotated, and the bottom box vibrates.

The cause of the above phenomenon is often caused by the object of the bottom box being stuck, and then the granulated material is detached, causing the cylinder to squeak and, in severe cases, the barrel to be scratched. At this time, it should be stopped for maintenance and troubleshooting. In addition, the reducer of the granulator is overheated due to insufficient oil or poor oil quality; the gear and the worm are worn too much, or the meshing is not good; the bearing is poorly lubricated or worn. If the magnetic field strength of the granulator becomes weak, the reason for this is generally that the temperature is too high; the fuselage is exposed to sunlight; acid and alkali corrosion.

The above are the reasons for some common faults when users use the granulator and the method of quick release. When the organic fertilizer equipment fails, you must not panic, first find the problem, so that it can be maintained, we should pay more attention to maintenance. This will extend the service life of organic fertilizer equipment.