How to solve the unstable operation of organic fertilizer granulator?

The organic fertilizer granulator is one of the most important equipments in the production equipment of granular organic fertilizer. Only when the granulator is in normal operation can the granular organic fertilizer be produced. However, during the use of the device, sometimes the device is stable. The following organic fertilizer granulator manufacturers staff share the organic fertilizer granulator operation instability how to solve?

Under normal circumstances, the accidents of the organic fertilizer granulator equipment are caused by improper operation of the workers. Before the organic fertilizer granulator equipment has various failures, it will be alerted in various ways. Therefore, pay more attention to the operation of the equipment. I will introduce you to several situations.

When the fuselage of the organic fertilizer granulator is unstable, check whether the connection between the couplings is too tight. If it is too tight, properly adjust the operation of the equipment in time, the temperature of the fuselage is high and low, and the speed is fast. Handle in time according to the situation. If there is noise in the bearing parts at both ends of the bearing housing of the main engine, it is necessary to stop the maintenance and fill the lubricating oil. When the bearing part of the reducer burns hands or has noise, it should be repaired and lubricated in time.