How to arrange drying equipment in organic fertilizer equipment?

In order to improve the working path of organic fertilizer drying equipment and extend the service life of the equipment, in addition to the drying equipment, it is also related to the layout of the equipment department of the factory. The following organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers technical staff share how to arrange drying equipment in organic fertilizer equipment

1.Feeding bin

In order to prevent the clogging of the wet sticky material in the feeding bin, it is necessary to design a reasonable organic fertilizer feeding bin structure, for example: using an asymmetric geometric hopper or increasing the inclination angle of the bucket wall and the discharge opening; An activation cone or a pressure reducing plate; or a dip hole at the outlet. It can also reduce the material in the silo, reduce the pressure of the warehouse, prevent the phenomenon of material blocking, and design the vibration feeding hopper for breaking the arch according to the nature of the material, which is used for feeding the dryer.

2. The combustion chamber

The form of the combustion chamber of the organic fertilizer drying equipment should be selected according to the nature of the fuel, the source, the form of the dryer, etc., in combination with the factory conditions. If the factory has pulverized coal, consider using a pulverized coal combustion chamber; for low-quality coal, a boiling furnace can be used.

In the combustion chamber of organic fertilizer dryer equipment, it is generally necessary to consider a mixing chamber in which “air-smoke” is installed, a thermometer for measuring the temperature of the flue gas, and a cold damper for adjusting the amount of cold air incorporation. Also design a reasonable windshield to avoid high temperature flame burning to the dryer cylinder and feeding tube. The feed tube is externally coated with heat-resistant concrete or brick chute. In addition, reducing the amount of cold air leakage from the feeding tube is conducive to improving the drying efficiency.

3. Drying heat system

The organic fertilizer drying and heating system comprises three parts: the combustion chamber, the dryer and the exhausting and dust collecting: the selection of the exhaust fan and the dust collector should satisfy the combustion air coefficient of the dryer to be no more than 1, 2; the organic fertilizer dryer The wind speed of the cold end working condition is not more than 3m/s; the air lock device shall be installed with the air lock device under the suction hood; the dust collector and the air exhaust pipe shall have insulation and heat insulation measures.