Matters needing attention during fermentation of wheel composter

It has become an urgent problem for us to recycle the livestock and poultry excrement after the harmless treatment such as stacking and fermentation.As the key equipment of composting fermentation, wheel composting machine directly affects the production efficiency and quality of composting.There are many kinds of organic compost compost machine, here to say is suitable for large sites of compost fermentation turning machine, wheel turning and throwing machine with simple operation, labor saving characteristics.

Advantages of wheeled composter
1. The steering arm of the direction wheel is balanced to keep the wheel composter stable during work, and the phenomenon of incomplete turning will not occur.
2. The roller shaft of the wheeled composter can be raised or lowered, which can be turned over at high and low speeds according to the moisture content of materials.
3. Using the drive shaft system, the wheeled composting machine can realize the adjustable turning speed and eliminate the v-belt drive.
4, adopt the frame multi-column car type overall structure, wheel composter service life is longer, not suitable for deformation.

Matters needing attention of wheel tilting and throwing machine
1. When the wheel thrower is running, do not approach the machine, especially around the high-speed operation.
2. The protective plate must be used when the wheel tilting and throwing machine turns and crusher. No one is allowed to stand within 5 meters behind the wheel tilting and throwing machine
3. If abnormal phenomena are found during the operation of the wheel tilting and throwing machine, stop the machine immediately for inspection and troubleshooting before continuing the work.

Matters needing attention in wheel composter fermentation manure
1. The heap height and width of the wheeled composting machine for fermentation of livestock and poultry manure should not be less than 1.2 meters, not less than 1.5 meters, and the length is not limited;
2. Fermentation is not afraid of rain, do not rain, to prevent water flushing;
3. Wheeled composting machine can also air livestock and poultry excrement to the semi-dry level and directly add the fungus ginseng rice bran fermentation.
4. Turn the heap frequently to promote fermentation and dewatering of feces, or use the feces separator for dewatering.