Mobile Belt Conveyor in Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Brief Introduction of Mobile Belt Conveyor in Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Mobile belt conveyor is mainly used in organic fertilizer plants, feed plants, grain warehouses, construction sites, mines and quarries, factories, stations, wharfs and other frequently interchangeable loading and unloading sites. Mobile belt conveyor is an ideal conveying system for short-distance transportation and transportation of bulk materials or components. The equipment adopts steel pipe structure with light weight and good mobility. The rotating device is an electric drum with two pneumatic tires and steel wheels.

Feature of Mobile Belt Conveyor fertilizer conveyor for sale

1. The temperature of raw materials conveyed by organic fertilizer movable belt conveyor shall not exceed 60 C.

2. The length and shape of mobile belt conveyor can be determined by users.

3. Mobile belt conveyor can be driven by electric drum or magnetic tape drive frame.

4. The conveying volume density of organic fertilizer mobile belt conveyor is less than 1.67t/m3.

Advantages of Mobile Belt Conveyor in Organic Fertilizer Production Line

1. High precision, hard face gear, high bearing capacity.

2. Drive belt conveyor has long service life, dense structure, small floor area and light weight.

3. High efficiency, easy to use and good mobility.

4. The driving belt conveyor has simple structure, convenient maintenance, universal wheel at the bottom and flexible movement. It runs smoothly and has low noise.

Working Principle of Mobile Belt Conveyor in Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Mobile belt conveyor mainly consists of two ends of the drum and a tight cover on the conveyor belt. The drum that drives the conveyor belt to rotate is called the transmission drum. The other is to change the direction of the movement of the conveyor drum so that it knows the rotary drum. The driving drum is driven by a motor through a reducer, and the conveyor belt is driven by friction between the driving roll and the conveyor belt. The driving roll is usually installed on the unloading side. In order to increase the traction force, it has a certain resistance. The material is fed from the feeding end to the rotary conveyor belt, and the material is conveyed to the unloading end. Mobile belt conveyor is an indispensable organic fertilizer equipment in organic fertilizer production line

Mobile Belt Conveyor