Organic fertilizer dynamic batching machine manufacturer

The dynamic batching machine is suitable for on-site requirements such as fertilizer ingredients and coking ingredients. These sites have high requirements for the continuity of the ingredients. Generally, the intermediate ingredients are not allowed to stop, and the ratio of various materials is relatively strict. The dynamic batching system metering generally uses an electronic belt scale or a nuclear scale as a metering device. The host has a PID adjustment and alarm function, which can realize automatic control of a warehouse.

How does a dynamic batching machine work?
When the dynamic batching machine is running, the conveyed materials are metered by the electronic spiral batching scale, and the computerized totalizer processes the received weight and speed signals and converts them into cumulative value and instantaneous flow rate, and the dynamic batching machine integrates the accumulated value and instantaneous flow rate. The signal is transmitted from the RS-485 port to the industrial control unit (host computer), and the 4~20mA analog current signal is sent to the frequency converter, and then the frequency converter adjusts the speed of the upper feeder. When the flow increases, the dynamic The batching machine reduces the rotation speed of the upper feeder, and vice versa, so that the rotation speed of the upper feeder is increased, so that the flow rate and the cumulative amount of the materials are kept within the set range, thereby completing the metering and batching of the materials.

What are the advantages of dynamic batching machine?
1. The selection of dynamic batching machine meets the requirements of anti-corrosion, so the dynamic batching machine is easy to clean up, and all the contact parts of the dynamic batching machine are made of stainless steel
2, because some materials contain crystallization water, easy to absorb moisture, high temperature easy to liquefaction and other problems;Dynamic mixing machine of organic fertilizer can effectively solve these problems. Dynamic mixing machine of organic fertilizer has fast mixing and mixing speed, less contact time between materials and air in the production process, and dynamic mixing machine of compound fertilizer can not absorb water and return moisture.
3. Dynamic dosing machine for organic fertilizer is accurate in measurement, with dosing accuracy up to ±0.1%-±0.2%, with even and efficient mixing

4. Dynamic dispensing machine for organic fertilizer dispensing system can store multiple formulas. Dynamic dispensing machine is convenient for formula modification.Can realize 5kg/ bag, 10kg/ bag of various specifications of ingredients
and packaging
5, organic fertilizer dynamic mixing machine layout compact, low energy consumption, energy efficient
6. Dynamic mixing machine of organic fertilizer is easy to operate and maintain, with stable performance, low failure rate and reliable operation
7, organic fertilizer dynamic mixing machine automation degree, reduce labor costs