Where is the value of organic fertilizer equipment reflected?

Where is the value of organic fertilizer equipment?

Organic fertilizer equipment has a very high position in the proportion of fertilizer production in China. China is a big agricultural country. Therefore, organic fertilizer is indispensable. Many intelligent businessmen regard investment in organic fertilizer production line as a very promising commercial project, which greatly stimulates the rapid development of manufacturer of organic fertilizer equipment. The rise of organic fertilizer equipment can also bring high economic benefits to our country. What characteristics of organic fertilizer equipment can make the market demand so much?

What are the characteristics of organic fertilizer equipment?

1. organic fertilizer equipment is a chicken and pig excrement as the main raw material, add a certain amount of nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, Magnesium Sulfate, ferrous sulfate and other substances, rice bran, yeast, soybean meal and sugar fermentation for a certain period of time as a biological bacteria, under the action of sulfuric acid, mixed fermentation to produce biological fertilizer equipment.

2. GATE heavy industry organic fertilizer equipment has compact structure and advanced technology. It can accelerate the rapid maturation of organic wastes such as livestock and poultry manure by utilizing some beneficial microorganisms and adopting unique pool continuous aerobic fermentation technology to make organic wastes rapidly mature, dehydrate, eliminate Jun and deodorize, so as to achieve harmlessness, reduction and resource utilization. The fermentation cycle is short (7-8 days), energy consumption is low and product quality is stable.

3. The composting equipment intelligently controls the turning-over process of fermentation materials. Under the action of vertical and horizontal walking mechanism, the high-speed rotating circular rake throws fermentation materials up and down continuously and produces a certain displacement, which makes the materials move backward regularly and equidistantly in the pond, thus forming a continuous aerobic fermentation. Process.

What are the benefits of organic fertilizer equipment?

Now it’s summer, and the temperature is relatively high, and Jiu will attract a lot of flies if the environment is a little dirty. For farms, chicken manure and pig manure, if not treated in time, will cause a lot of pollution to the environment, especially to the surrounding air and soil, will attract a large number of flies, and bring troubles to the residents living around. In fact, animal manure is a good organic fertilizer, through the use of Machine fertilizer equipment will process animal manure with high efficiency organic fertilizer, protect the environment and increase revenue at the same time!

What are the characteristics of granulator in organic fertilizer equipment?

The equipment of organic fertilizer granulator produced by GATE heavy engineering technology does not need to heat and humidify the material. It not only saves investment and energy, but also adapts to granulation containing thermosensitive materials, such as ammonium bicarbonate and some organic fertilizers. The characteristics of Machine fertilizer granulation equipment are introduced. The process of extrusion granulation is short, easy to operate, easy to realize automatic production control and improve production efficiency. There is no special requirement for the nature and size distribution of raw materials, so the source of raw materials is wide.