Rotary drum granulator organic fertilizer production line

Application of organic fertilizer is the key to maintain and improve soil fertility. It is also an important measure to achieve sustainable agricultural development and the recycling of various nutrients. Organic fertilizer plays an important role in balancing crop nutrient supply, improving product quality and increasing crop yield. Organic fertilizers differ from inorganic fertilizers in nutrient variation. Without specialized, standardized and standardized production standards, it is difficult to ensure the quality of products. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate standardized enterprise standards and have good testing means. Organic fertilizer formulation should be stable and production technology should be advanced and reasonable.

It is necessary to select corrosion-resistant, high temperature-resistant, low energy consumption, high efficiency, reliable and practical equipment, especially the choice of fermentation equipment, to extend the life of equipment as far as possible.

Raw material of organic fertilizer
1.Animal waste, such as chicken manure, cow manure, pig manure.
2.Grass paste,lignite,organic sludge,straw etc biological.
3.Bean cake.
4.Corn, beans, grass meal etc.

Composting fermentation of organic fertilizer
Using tank bio-fermentation, the fermented material is continuously put into the fermentation tank, and the material is turned by the turning machine every day, which can regulate the moisture and stir evenly, thus saving a lot of land and labor. It can also be fully ripe.

Processing flow of drum granulator organic fertilizer production line
a)Crushing(Chain Crusher)
Fermented organic fertilizers are screened, and the bulk and impurities are detected, which is convenient for the next crushing and packaging. If the material with too large diameter can not be directly granulated, the raw material needs to be crushed before granulation, and the crushed material can enter the granulator.
b)Mixing(Vertical Mixer)
The mixing of screened and crushed organic fertilizers can ensure the stability of product quality, at the same time, it also plays a mixed role in the production of special fertilizers and various compound fertilizers when adding fertilizers and trace elements.
c)Granulating(Drum Granulator)
Granulator is the core equipment of organic fertilizer production line, because the important link of organic fertilizer production is granulation. Choose different granulator models for different fertilizer types and production.
Drum Granulator
The main way of work is wet granulation of pellets. Through a certain amount of water or steam, the basic fertilizer reacts sufficiently after humidification in the cylinder. Under certain liquid conditions, with the help of rotating motion of the cylinder, the extrusion force between the particles of the material can be agglomerated into pellets. The machine shell adopts special rubber or acid-resistant stainless steel lining. The raw materials are not easy to bond to the cylinder wall and play an anti-corrosion role. The drum granulator has large output, good economic benefit and resource saving.
d)Polishing(Ball Shaping Machine)
After the granulator is granulated, granules enters the shaping machine and shapes the granules to make the shape more smooth.

e)Primary Drying(Drum Dryer Machine, equipped with Hot Stove)
Rotary drum granulator is a wet granulator. The granules formed during granulation have high humidity and are not suitable for direct storage. It is necessary to dry them. The whole process is carried out in a closed system to reduce environmental pollution during drying. The equipment mainly consists of hot blast stove, feeder, feeder, rotary drum, discharger, induced draft fan, unloader and electric cabinet. The material is evenly dispersed in the dryer and fully contacted with the hot air under the turning of the plate reader in the drum, which speeds up the drying heat transfer.
f)Secondary Drying
When producing fertilizers with high yield, the second drying ensures that the moisture content of granules is below the standard.
g)Cyclone dust collector system
Dust removal device, which is mainly used for pre dust removal and separation and recovery of high concentration dust. For the coarse particles separated from above 5-10um, the purification rate is high.
h)Cooling(Rotary Cooler Machine)
After drying, the granules temperature is high, can’t packing in bags. Cooler machine cool the granules to the normal temperature.
i)Screening(Drum Screener Machine)
Screen qualified granules and let the unqualified granules return to the fertilizer production line again. The cylinder body of drum screener machine is inclined and covered by a dust-proof sealing cover to reduce dust and noise pollution in the production process.
j)Packing(Packing Machine)
Packing final products in bags. Packing machine automatic quantitative packaging of powder and granules, suitable for flour, starch, feed, food, chemical industry, light industry, building materials industries.

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