The features and advantages of GATE double shaft fertilizer mixers

The double-shaft fertilizer mixer is mainly used for mixing and blending of industrial and civil coal powder, organic fertilizer and other materials, so that a variety of materials, binders and moisture can be evenly mixed, and the materials can be uniformly sent to the next production process.In the process of transportation, it can not only transport of double shaft fertilizer mixer, but also make the materials mixed evenly.Biaxial continuous mixer by motor through a belt drive to reducer, couplings, gears, drives the stirring shaft of two do the opposite direction of transmission, the machine of the mixing principle is relatively advanced, installed on the same shaft removable front and mixing blade of double-shaft fertilizer mixer, make the material produces complex spatial helical motion, material itself has a rotation, return and move into a shaft towards, the material mixing time, these materials can be fully mixed, mixing effect is good, high uniformity, high yield, strong adaptability.
For the double-shaft agitator, the quality of the agitator directly affects its production efficiency and mixing quality.The main component of agitator is agitator shaft. This paper introduces the material and structure of agitator shaft in detail.

1. Design specification of mixing shaft of double-shaft fertilizer mixer

In the process of fertilizer mixing, the stress on each blade is relatively complex, so the bending stress and torsion stress transferred to the mixing shaft are also relatively complex.Since torsion is the main force on the stirring shaft of double-shaft fertilizer mixer, in order to facilitate calculation, the method of increasing the safety factor is adopted to ensure the reliability of the stirring shaft according to the torsion strength condition in the design process of the stirring shaft.

2. Material description for mixing shaft of double-shaft fertilizer mixer

Like the ordinary shaft, 45 steel is commonly used, and Q235 steel can be used if the requirements are not high.When corrosion resistance requirements are high or materials are not contaminated by iron ions, stainless steel or corrosion protection measures should be adopted.

3. Structure description of mixing shaft of double-shaft fertilizer mixer

Stirring shafts are usually solid and hollow diameters.The hollow structure can reduce the quality of the mixer, but the processing is complicated and the cost is high, so the solid structure is usually used.+ forced + mixer detachable connection structure in the past commonly used tile structure, the current use of insert structure.As shown in the figure below:

(a)1. Holding tile 2. Triangle key 3

(b)1. Mixing shaft 2. Clamping block 3

(c)1. Stirring arm 2. Coupling plate 3. Stirring shaft 4

4. Description of support for mixing shaft of double-shaft agitator

Normally, the agitator shaft is supported by a pair of bearings inside the reducer.However, because the agitator shaft of double-shaft mixer is generally long and extends in the reactor for operation, the bearing suffers from poor conditions.When the stirring arm is too long and thin, it often bends the shaft, increasing the centrifugal action, and finally reaches complete destruction.Therefore, the cantilever of stirring shaft has certain supporting conditions.