The Function of Turning machine in Organic Fertilizer Production

Turning machine is the core equipment of aerobic dynamic composting. As a new type of machinery, the turning machine has multiplied rapidly in the family of fertilizer machinery and equipment, and has become a mobile device to replace manual and forklift trucks for material dump. The turning machine is the mainstream product that affects the development trend of composting industry.

The role of the turning machine in compost production:

1. The stirring function in the quenching and tempering of turning machine. In organic fertilizer production, in order to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio, pH, water content, etc. of the raw materials, some auxiliary materials must be added. The main raw materials and various auxiliary materials stacked roughly together in proportion can be stirred and evenly mixed by the turning machine to achieve the purpose of quenching and tempering.


2. The turning machine mediates the temperature of the raw material pile. In the operation of the throwing machine, the raw material pellets are fully contacted and mixed with the air, and a large amount of fresh air can be cultivated in the pile, which helps the aerobic microorganisms to be active and the stack temperature to rise; when the temperature is high, the fresh air can make the stack temperature Come down. The turning machine forms a state in which the intermediate temperature-high temperature-medium temperature-high temperature alternates, and various beneficial microbial bacteria grow and multiply in the temperature range at which they are adapted.

3. The turning machine improves the permeability of the raw material pile. The turn-over system can process the material into small agglomerates, making the viscous, dense material pile become fluffy and elastic, forming a suitable porosity.
4. The throwing machine realizes the special requirements of the composting process. For example, if the raw material is broken, a certain shape of the raw material pile is given or a quantitative shift of the raw material is achieved.

5. The turning machine adjusts the moisture of the raw material pile. The suitable water content for raw material fermentation is above 55%, and the moisture standard for finished organic fertilizer is below 20%. In the fermentation of the throwing machine, the biochemical reaction will generate new water, and the consumption of the raw material by the microorganism will also cause the water to lose the carrier and be released. Therefore, the turning machine can reduce the moisture in time with the process of fertilizer production. In addition to the evaporation formed by the heat conduction, the turning material will form a mandatory water vapor emission.