Trough composter is the mainstream product of the development trend of compost industry

The trough composter plays the role of stirring, pulverizing, oxygenating and volatile water during the fermentation production process. We can manufacture various types of trough composting machines according to customer requirements, which is the first choice for large, medium and small scale organic fertilizer composting units. The trough composter is a mainstream product that affects the development trend of the compost industry. The trough composter has developed rapidly in the family of fertilizer machinery and equipment, and has become the main tool to replace manual stacking of materials.

Advantages of trough composter

1. The trough composting machine has the obvious advantages of low investment, low energy consumption, fast fertilization and large output.
2. The trough composter significantly improves the production efficiency and product quality of organic fertilizer plants, and greatly reduces the cost.
3. The trough composting machine is made of bio-organic fertilizer that is green and environmentally friendly and improves soil quality through the principle of aerobic fermentation.
4. The trough composting machine can effectively mix and mix livestock manure, sludge, microbial preparations, and straw powder to create a better aerobic environment for material fermentation.

Trough composter can be used in one machine with multiple slots

Gate trough composting machine can not only uniformly mix livestock and poultry manure and bacteria, but also effectively crush the agglomerates in the fermented material to increase air permeability. The trough type composter is transported by a walking mechanism, and a high-speed turning wheel throws and disperses the fermented materials. The trough composting machine can change the compost production from a single tank to a multi-tank fermentation under the action of a lifter, and can freely switch between multiple tanks and turn the heap to achieve the use of one machine with multiple tanks.