How to use the fertilizer disc granulator safely?

Disc granulator is a kind of granulation equipment with long life, excellent quality, good effect and high efficiency. The GATER disc granulator uses a high-strength steel plate material for the inner lining plate. In addition, efforts have been made in terms of stability and discharge quality to achieve the durability, firmness, reliability and ease of use of the equipment. According to the data, the Gate disc granulator has effectively controlled the granulation rate and reached an average level of more than 93%.

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Working principle of disc granulator:

The disc granulator is mainly composed of an angled disc and a base. During the granulation process of the disc granulator, the materials mixed by the mixer are conveyed to the top of the disc by a conveyor and continuously added. Inside the disc pelletizer disc, the material in the disc is adhered by the two adhesives sprayed and wrapped into granules. Large particles float on top and flow continuously from below the disc pelletizer, while small particles continue to grow with the newly added material.

GATE fertilizer disc granulator for sale

Safety matters of disc granulator:

1. When the disc granulator is running, it is forbidden to stand under the machine;
2. During the operation of the disc granulator, it is forbidden to carry out internal inspection and repair;
3. Without insulating gloves, it is forbidden to touch the motor and wires of the disc granulator;
4. There is no perfect ground wire, and it is forbidden to start the disc granulator. If there is a current on the equipment, it should stop immediately until the ground wire is repaired;
5. When inspecting the disc granulator, the use of mobile electric lamps with a voltage higher than 12 volts is prohibited.