How to scientifically maintain tracked composting machines?

Tracked composting machine is a kind of bio-organic fertilizer that uses the principle of aerobic fermentation to produce pollutants such as livestock and poultry manure, agricultural waste, sugar refinery filter sludge, sludge, and domestic waste. After each completion of the tracked composting machine, the stacking is actually reset again. During the process of dropping and resetting materials, moisture and carbon dioxide are lost, the temperature is reduced, and the oxygen concentration is increased, which provides a suitable environment for the aerobic fermentation of microorganisms.

Industrial fertilizer compost turner2

Advantages of tracked composter:

1.The walking composting machine has a stable walking process, and the contact surface between the crawler and the ground is larger, and it does not slip.
2. The two sides of the track can be controlled separately, and can be turned in place, saving effort.
3. The tracked composting machine is more powerful, and the built-in stacker can automatically stack, eliminating the trouble of traditional first stacking and turning over.

Maintenance of tracked composter:

1. Check the crawler composter after each use, tighten the bolts and nuts, and check whether the oil drain plug is loose.
2. Check the bolts in each part for any defects in the cotter pins. If necessary, replace with new ones. The cotter pins must not be replaced with other objects.
3. Check whether the scimitar is worn to varying degrees, and replace it with a new one if necessary.
4. Clean the board attachments on the tracked composting machine.
5. The tracked composting machine will not work for a long time. The exposed parts should be coated with oil to prevent rust. When placed outdoors, pay attention to sun protection.