How to adjust the alignment of the double roller granulator for fertilizer?

Roller extrusion granulator is a molding machine that can make materials into a specific shape. The double-roller granulator has a particularly good granulation effect on ammonium carbonate, ammonium chloride, and monoammonium phosphate. The ball forming rate can reach 85% without drying. The roller granulator has a wide range of applications and is a relatively advanced organic fertilizer granulation equipment at home and abroad. The double-roller granulator can be used for the processing of organic and inorganic fertilizer granules, as well as the processing of feed pellets.

Process advantages of the roll granulator:

1. The roll granulator belongs to dry granulation. It is not necessary to adjust the dryness and humidity of the material during the granulation process, and there is no need to increase the drying equipment.
2. Double-roller granulators can be used to process granules containing heat-sensitive materials.
3. Because it is dry granulation, no waste water or waste gas will be emitted during the production process.
4. The roll granulator has simple process, easy automatic control, and high production efficiency.
5. The flexibility of the roller extrusion granulator is good, and the fertilizer production plan can be unaffected at any time.
6, the uniformity of the particle size of the roller extrusion granulation is a significant advantage, because the ball socket size of the roller is the same.

Adjustment of the ball and socket of the roller granulator:

The ball and socket are formed by the indentation on the roller surface of the roller granulator, so there is a problem of axial alignment and circumferential alignment: the axial alignment of the extrusion granulator has been adjusted during installation. Generally speaking, the possibility of adjustment is small. When adjustment is needed, the glands on both sides of the passive bearing seat are tightened or loosened, so as to promote the displacement of the eccentric sleeve corresponding to the active shaft roller. The roll granulator has a uniform particle size distribution and does not clink.