What are the advanced properties of the Gate flat die fertilizer granulator?

Multifunctional flat die granulator is a common equipment in organic fertilizer production. The flat die granulator can produce cylindrical organic fertilizer granules and feed granules. It can also be connected with polishing equipment to roll cylindrical granules into balls at one time.  Flat film granulator is mainly used for granulation processing in (bio) organic fertilizer and aquaculture processing industries. Is one of the biological organic fertilizer production equipment produced by our company.

Application method of Gate flat film granulator

1. The flat film granulator can be started only after adding hyperbolic gear oil to the gearbox. The flat film granulator is installed in a prepared place. The device should be stabilized and the belt adjusted. Let the equipment start under no load first.
2. For the first use of the flat film granulator, try it with about ten pounds of ingredients to make the film holes smooth and dredge before production.
3. When encountering more fine fibers when processing ingredients, 5% moisture should be added, and this moisture will evaporate during the extrusion process.
4. After the flat die granulator finishes processing, loosen the gap adjusting screw. After the machine stops, the remaining ingredients on the equipment should be sorted out and the equipment maintained.
5, flat film extrusion granulator pay attention to the production can not have solid particles, such as: small stones, small iron blocks and other solid objects, to prevent the formation of equipment damage.

Advantages of the Gate Flat Film Granulator

1. The organic content can be as high as 100%, and the flat die granulator can realize pure organic granulation.
2. The flat film granulator uses the characteristics of organic particles to grow in each other under a certain force, and does not need to add an adhesive when granulating.
3. The granules of the flat film granulator are strong and can be sieved after granulation to reduce the drying energy consumption.
4. The flat film granulator uses a pressure wheel, and the two ends are consistent with the linear speed of the inner and outer circles of the die plate, and no misaligned friction between the wheel and the die occurs, which reduces resistance, reduces kinetic energy loss, and extends the service life of the die. Reduced production costs.
5. The pressure rollers are evenly distributed, and the operation is stable. At the same time, the pressing area is increased to improve production efficiency.
6. The die gap of the flat die granulator can be adjusted, which is suitable for different materials to ensure the pressing effect.