What are the performance advantages of the organic fertilizer double shaft mixer?

The fertilizer double-shaft mixer is a high-efficiency equipment for spraying and mixing powder materials. The twin-shaft mixer is mainly composed of the casing, the screw shaft, the drive device, the piping, the cover plate, the chain cover and other components. Stir the mixture evenly while acting as a compactor.

Performance advantages of double shaft mixer:

1. The sealing between the joint surfaces of the double-shaft mixer is tight and the operation is stable.
2. Stable performance, large mixing volume and good mixing effect.
3. The dual-shaft mixer works efficiently and can achieve good mixing results in a short period of time.
4. Can be used for continuous production of organic fertilizer production line with low noise.
5. The double-shaft mixer has no dead corners and has a small footprint.

Installation instructions of double shaft mixer:

1. The twin-shaft mixer should be installed on the concrete foundation, and the horizontal and vertical horizontal tolerance of the fuselage is 0.6 / 1000.
2. Check whether there is lubricant in the bearing. If there is any deterioration of the grease, it should be replaced again.
3, check the integrity of the components of the dual-shaft mixer, comprehensive cleaning; correct the misaligned position, adjust the bearing clearance.