What are the advantages of fertilizer horizontal twin-shaft mixer?

The twin-shaft mixer is a new type of equipment that has been improved on the basis of the original mixer. Mainly used in organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers and dust collectors in thermal power plants. The twin-shaft mixer feeds from the top and discharges at the bottom, which is reasonable in structure. The joints between the joint surfaces of the twin-shaft mixer are tightly sealed and run smoothly.

The working principle of the two-axis mixer:

The twin-shaft mixer is equipped with a double-axis rotating reversed blade, and the blade is angled at a certain angle to circulate the material in the axial direction and the meridional direction, so that the material is quickly mixed uniformly. The speed reducer of the double shaft mixer drives the rotation speed of the shaft and the structure of the blade to weaken the gravity of the material. With the lack of gravity, the difference in particle size and specific gravity of each material is neglected during the mixing process. The intense mixing movement of the twin-shaft mixer shortens the mixing time, making it faster and more efficient.

Advantages of the twin-shaft mixer:

1. Hardened gear reducer and torque limiter ensure the safety of the twin-shaft mixer.
2, a reasonable spray device, so that the gray water mixing to achieve good results.
3. Mixer blades made of high wear-resistant materials, long-life and reliable operation of the two-axis mixer.
4. The well-designed shaft seat and sealing device structure not only facilitates inspection, but also makes the water leakage and leakage disappear.
5. The double-shaft mixer increases the pre-watering section to make the mixing effect better.
6, spacious flip access door makes the maintenance work comfortable and easy.
7. The flexible and reliable electrical control system of the double-shaft mixer makes the operation safe and simple.