Horizontal fertilizer mixer structure overview

The horizontal mixer is fed from the top and discharged at the bottom, and the structure is reasonable. The seal between the joint surfaces is tight and the operation is stable. The horizontal mixer is equipped with a humidifying water spray system to ensure uniform water spray and adjust the water supply to meet the needs. Horizontal mixers are generally used for mixing and mixing of organic fertilizers, bio-organic fertilizers, feeds and other raw materials. There is also a special blend of viscous materials.

The horizontal mixer is divided into three parts:
1. Rack part: All working bodies of the horizontal mixer are all fixed and fixed on the frame. The frame of the horizontal mixer is welded with excellent carbon steel plate and channel steel, and has passed strict product certification and specific process requirements, and has reached the purpose of horizontal mixer;
2. Transmission connection part: The motor of the horizontal mixer drives the pulley, the V-belt and the reducer to drive the spindle to rotate. The nylon reducer is used for the transmission reducer and the working part of the main machine. Assembly and maintenance;

3. Mixing and stirring work part: The transmission wheel of the horizontal mixer is transmitted to the main shaft through the pin coupling. The special spiral stirring blade welded on the main shaft rotates synchronously, and the material is evenly turned in the stirring chamber, so that the material can be fully mixed, thereby greatly reducing the residue of the material in the horizontal mixer. After a period of mixing, the material flows out of the special discharge port below the horizontal mixer.