What are the characteristics and advantages of BB fertilizer mixer?

Technical parameters of BB fertilizer mixer

Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Mixing  Quanity


GT-1250 1-5 7.5+4 500kg
GT-1500 2-6 7.5+4.5 750kg
GT-2000 3-8 11+4.5 1000kg

What is the function of BB fertilizer mixer?

BB fertilizer mixer adopts the technology of direct feeding from lifting tank and direct discharging from mixer, which almost achieves the goal of “zero” discharging. BB fertilizer mixer overcomes the distribution phenomenon caused by the different material proportion and particle size in the downward flow process, and improves the mixing accuracy. In addition, BB fertilizer mixer has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, greatly reducing equipment investment, saving human, financial and energy consumption.

BB fertilizer mixer

Where is the highlight of BB fertilizer mixer?

1. BB fertilizer mixer covers a small area (25-50 square meters) and has low power consumption (the power of the whole equipment is less than 10 kW/h);
2. BB fertilizer mixer main machine is manufactured by industrial stainless steel, and the control system adopts high performance industrial computer, which can be suitable for all kinds of harsh on-site environment.
3. BB fertilizer mixer adopts two-stage shock-proof treatment and multi-stage filtering technology, with accurate measurement and high accuracy.

BB fertilizer mixer

What is the structure of BB fertilizer mixer?

1. BB Fertilizer Frame Part: All working bodies of the machine are fixed to the frame. The motor drives the pulley, the V-belt and the reducer. The gears mounted on the gearbox are bitten by the body gears to drive the cylinders.
2. BB fertilizer mixer barrel part: The barrel part is made of special carbon steel plate. The inner wall of the cylinder has a special spiral mixing blade.
3. Feeding part of BB fertilizer mixer crawling bucket: The feeding part of the machine adopts special process design. The climbing bucket rail is made of high quality channel steel, with reasonable design angle and stable operation.