What are the factors that affect the roll skin of the fertilizer roll extrusion granulator?

Main composition of the roll extrusion granulator
1: The roller extrusion granulator is rolled by gears, and the volume is compressed into extruded materials, so the adaptability to the materials is wider, and it is especially suitable for granulation of the deformed materials.
2: The knife that is built into the roll extrusion granulator has the same length.
3; The wet content of the granulated material of the roll extrusion granulator is lower than that of the auger extrusion granulation, and the particle strength is higher.

Factors Affecting Roller Wear of Roll Extrusion Granulator
1. The roll skin of the roll granulator is made of stainless steel as the main material. It has a great reaction to the pH and moisture of the material. The moisture and pH of the material are not suitable, resulting in the acidity of the roll surface of the roll granulator. Alkali corrosion, thereby damaging the roll skin.
2, the operation of the roller extrusion granulator is not standardized will also cause roller skin damage.
3. Adjust the gap between the roll skins of the roll extrusion granulator not according to the instructions, or violate the regulations. Under the condition of load, the material is opened to the roll extrusion granulator.

Precautions for the initial use of the roll granulator
When the roller granulator is working normally, the machine temperature should be stable and should not be high or low. Near the venting hole of the roller granulator, until the temperature of the head is maintained at about 200 degrees. At this temperature, generally, a good processing can be performed on most materials. When the roller granulator is shut down, the operator must completely cut off the power.