What is the using of the roll extrusion fertilizer granulator?

The roll extrusion granulator is a granulation device. It is produced by a dry-free normal temperature process and molded at one time. The roller extrusion granulator has wide adaptability and is suitable for granulation of various raw materials such as compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical industry and feed, and the product has high granulation rate. Can produce various concentrations, multiple types (including organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, magnetic fertilizer, etc.) compound fertilizer. The ball and socket of the roll granulator can be manufactured according to the size and shape of the customer’s needs.

Main use of the roll granulator

1, the roller granulator industrial recycling dust materials: such as iron, dust, lead, zinc, aluminum dust, converter dust, dust, grinding and other dust. The material is forced compression molding by mechanical pressure, without adding any wetting agent, the product Purity is guaranteed. ,
2, the roller granulator process is short, low energy consumption, large output. Direct granulation of dry powder, no need for subsequent drying process, more conducive to the connection and transformation of existing production processes. The high particle strength and the increase in bulk specific gravity are more significant than other granulation methods.
3, the roller granulator is especially suitable for increasing the proportion of product bulk. The operation is large and flexible, and the range of the pressing force can be adjusted by the hydraulic pressure.

Roller extrusion granulator installation and commissioning

1. After the roller granulator arrives at the factory, take the granulator as the main machine, according to the number of units, and install it with the process flow chart to find the elevation and horizontal placement, and have the ground angle of the roller granulator frame. Holes can be mounted on concrete (the amount of solid vibration is not too large and does not require a strong concrete foundation).
2, the roller extrusion granulator This machine has been debugged before leaving the factory, still need to be debugged after trial use.