Working principle of trough composting machine

The trough composting machine is a manure composting and fermenting
equipment, which can process the manure into the organic fertilizer through the
principle of aerobic fermentation, which is conducive to coordinating breeding,
planting and environmental protection. Trench composting is a composting
method in which a stock mixture is placed in a long trough structure for
fermentation. The oxygen supply of the trough compost is completed by a
composting machine, and the composting machine moves along the longitudinal
axis of the trough, and the stock is stirred during the moving process. The pile
depth in the composting tank is 1.2 to 1.5 meters, and the composting fermentation
time is 3 to 5 weeks. The use of the trough composting machine requires the
construction of a fermenting tank. The fermenting tank must be laid on a rail, and
the rail is laid on the wall of the fermenting tank. Then, the material is placed in the
fermentation tank, and a composting process of fermenting, decomposing and
degrading the material is carried out. The device can be changed from single tank
to multi-tank fermentation under the action of the lifter, and the use of one
machine and multiple tanks is completed.

The trough fermenting composting machine uses tank fermentation for organic
composting, and the fermentation process can be divided into the following four
1. Trough composting Fever stage; In the initial stage of composting, the microorganisms in the
compost are mainly medium-temperature and aerobic, generating a large amount
of heat, and constantly increasing the compost temperature, rising from about 20 °
C to 40 °C, called the heating phase, or the intermediate temperature phase.
2.Trough composting high temperature stage; With the increase of temperature in the high temperature stage, the hot microbes gradually replace the moderate temperature species and play a leading role. The temperature continues to rise, generally reaching 50 °C within a few days, entering the high temperature stage, heat accumulation, composting. The
temperature rises to 60-70 ° C, even up to 80 ° C.

3. Trough composting Cooling stage; When the high temperature stage lasts for a certain period of time, most of the cellulose, hemicellulose and pectin substances have been decomposed, leaving complex components (such as lignin) that are difficult to decompose and newly formed humus, microbial activity. Decreased, the temperature gradually decreases.
4, Trough composting decomposing and fattening stage After composting, the volume is reduced, the heap temperature drops to slightly higher than the temperature, then the compost should be compacted, resulting in anaerobic conditions, so that the mineralization of organic matter is weakened, in order to facilitate fertilizer.

Technical parameters of trough composting machine

Trough composting machine
Advantages of trough composting machine
1. Wide use and multi-material processing
2. The stable operation of the trough composting machine manufacturer, energy
saving and failure rate are extremely low.
3. High efficiency, stable operation, durable, and even rotation