How to Improve Production Efficiency of Organic Fertilizer Production Line?

Organic fertilizer, with its unique advantages like high nutrition content, easy-to-get raw materials and environmental friendly, is becoming more and fertilizer compost more popular for fertilizing crops and plants, and many organic fertilizer processing factories appear at the same time. It’s obvious that their purpose is to gain more profits from organic fertilizer production, and the main problem they should focus on is how to improve the production efficiency to a maximum.

In general, if you want to largely improve the production efficiency of your organic fertilizer production line, there are some points you need pay more attention to:

1. Design of organic fertilizer production line equipment process should be reasonable, especially the new raw materials and returning charge need have a quantitative conveying device (regardless of the size of organic fertilizer equipment). This timing and quantitative feeding style is good for the stability of ball rate and ensures stable operation of the production, so as to favor high and stable yield of organic fertilizer production.

2. The workers operation and coordination should achieve a certain proficiency, and each link must be equipped with appropriate delivery equipment, besides, the ripe formula is also fertilizers

3. The company and factory should have professional repair workers. During the production, the repair workers can’t stay away from the workshop, because they need constantly observe the running condition of organic fertilizer production equipment so as to find and solve problems in a timely manner, and avoid unnecessary losses.

4. At the annual slack season of the fertilizer, when you don’t use the equipment to produce fertilizer, make sure overhaul once and then spray good anti-rust paint. In addition, please ensure that the lubrication part has no lack of lubrication oil.

5. Ensure safe production. Post the operation instructions in the workshop, and train the workers with the knowledge of safe production and operation standards.