Customers from India visited the factory and ordered a batch of tons of scales

Recently, our factory ushered in an Indian customer who had previously communicated with us and had a strong interest in our company’s tons of scales. We warmly welcomed the arrival of Indian customers. Then, at the request of the customer, our professional engineers accompanied the customers to visit the fertilizer equipment tons of scales. After the visit, the customer placed an order on the spot. Summarized some of the issues that impress customers:


Indian Customer: What are the considerations of the Gate Ton Balance?

General precautions for the installation and commissioning of new weighing instruments
(1) User technicians shall record the internal setting parameters of weighing instruments, the internal procedures of variable range controllers and the parameters set by variable frequency governors. Lock the instrument setting parameters.
(2) If users want to change the weighing structure or modify some parameters, they must be responsible by professional technicians and strictly follow the methods specified in the instructions.
(3) It should be forbidden for unrelated personnel to press the instrument button and switch casually, let alone open the electronic control cabinet and touch the internal electrical appliances in order to prevent electric shock.
(4) When moving equipment such as scales and conveyors, attention must be paid to the peripheral cables and plugs, so as not to be damaged by machinery.


Indian customer: what are the main advantages of gator ton bag scale?

1. The sensor of the lower weighing ton bag scale is under the bag clip mechanism, at the bottom of the tray

2, weighing sensor measurement accuracy is more accurate

3, ton bag scale anti-interference strong, high sensitivity, can realize automatic compensation and correction

4. Set value of feeding material with thickness and fineness, set value of single package weight, packaging bag count, cumulative weight display

5. Communication interface can be configured according to user needs to facilitate online networking and realize DCS distribution system control

6, ton bag scale according to different materials choose different (such as dc, wringing dragon, vibration) grading feeding form for feeding, high precision packaging, fast speed

7, with automatic peeling, automatic zero adjustment, automatic error correction, out-of-tolerance alarm and fault self-diagnosis and other functions

8. Warranty period is 2 years