Uzbekistan client purchase compost turner machinery for fertilizer

This summer, our Uzbekistan client visited our factory in Wuzhi,after visited all the factory , we had a further discussion about our compost fertilizer compost turner large scale.when his trip finished, he also invited our engineer to come to his factory .

commercial compost turner for fertilizer

How does the manure be piled up into organic fertilizer with commercial compost turner for fertilizer?

1.First introduce the following of industrial compost turner for fertilizer:

Composting An organic fertilizer by compost fertilizer compost turner large scale made up of various types of orange stalks, fallen leaves, grasses, animal and plant residues, human and animal waste, and a small amount of soil.compost fertilizer turner machine is designed to deal with such organics and compost turner machinery for fertilizer is very familar in both China and other country.
The raw materials used in the manure are basically the same as those in the compost, but they are fermented under flooding conditions.which the bio fertilizer compost turner machine is the most key machine .Manure refers to the fertilizer produced by the excrement of pigs, cattle, horses, sheep, chickens, ducks and other livestock and poultry and straw litter.

Now, with the continuous development of science and technology of commercial compost turner for fertilizer, through the artificial pure culture technology of beneficial bacteria, scientific refining can produce a variety of different types of bio-organic fertilizer, which can improve soil quality, reduce environmental pollution. industrial compost turner for fertilizer uses only diesel engine.Bio-organic fertilizer will be the main development trend of fertilizer for agricultural production in the future.


2.Take pig manure as an example, pig manure compost fertilizer turner machine:

(1) Color odor: The straw of the composted compost becomes brown or dark brown after using compost fertilizer turner machine, has a black sap, has an ammonia odor, and is rapidly measured by an ammonium reagent, and its ammonium nitrogen content is remarkably increased.

(2) Straw hardness: The compost is hand-held, soft and elastic when wet; it is very brittle when dry, easy to break, and the organic matter loses its elasticity after industrial compost turner for fertilizer turning.

(3) Composting leachate: Take the compost compost, add water and stir (fertility water ratio 1:5-10), place it for 3-5 minutes, and the leachate is light yellow.industrial compost turner for fertilizer also can be matched with the liquid spraying system.

(4) Composting volume: 2/3 to 1/2 smaller than when it was just piled up.

(5) Carbon to nitrogen ratio: generally 20-30:1.

(6) Humic coefficient: about 30%.

The compost that achieves the above indicators is a high-quality compost with good fertilizer efficiency and can be applied to various soils and crops. Adherence to long-term application not only enables plants to grow robustly and achieve high yields, but also has significant effects on improving soil and improving soil fertility.