Features of Double Shaft Mixer

The double shaft mixer is mainly composed of a casing, a screw shaft assembly, a driving device, a piping, a cover plate, a chain cover and other components . The specific structure and performance characteristics are as follows:

1. The shell is mainly composed of plate and section steel, welded and formed in the manufacturing plant, and assembled with other parts, which is the support of the double-shaft mixer. The shell is tightly sealed, and there will be no flying ash or ash leakage.

2. The screw shaft assembly is the main component of the double-shaft mixer. Its components mainly include left and right screw shafts, bearing seats, bearing sleeves, bearing caps, gears, sprockets, oil cups, blades and other parts.

3. The water-adding and humidifying piping is mainly composed of connection pipes, joints and nozzles. The nozzle adopts a stainless steel atomizing cone nozzle, which is arranged above the inside of the mixer shell, and is arranged axially along the spiral axis to form a water curtain to facilitate the humidification and mixing of the material. The nozzle structure is simple, easy to replace, stainless steel material, anti-corrosion and durable. The moisture content of wet ash can be adjusted by operating the manual regulating valve on the water supply pipeline.

4. The cover mainly includes the left cover, the middle cover, the right cover, the hole cover and the manhole cover, etc. There are six inspection holes on both sides of the double-shaft mixer to facilitate the operator’s usual inspection and maintenance. Double-shaft mixer is used at the end of pneumatic conveying.