Organic Fertilizer Cage Crusher with large production capacity

The cage crusher is a professional organic fertilizer crusher that our company integrates domestic and foreign crushing technology, and based on production experience, after years of repeated research, improvement, and meticulous manufacturing. It effectively solves the problem of crushing water-containing organic matter and greatly increases production output.

The cage grinder is a medium-sized horizontal cage grinder. The machine is designed according to the principle of impact crushing. The two sets of cage rods inside and outside rotate towards each other at high speed. The material is crushed by the cage rod impact from the inside out. It has a simple structure, high crushing efficiency, good sealing performance, stable operation, and convenient Features such as easy cleaning and maintenance. It is widely used in chemical, feed, food, medicine, plastics and other industries, and is mainly suitable for crushing some low-hardness materials.

With the development of the fertilizer industry, urea-specific grinders have become an indispensable part of the industry. Many businesses that produce urea-specific grinders have appeared on the market, but many businesses have overlooked the most essential thing, that is, customer benefits.

After years of exploration, Henan Getty Heavy Industry’s urea special grinder manufacturer has established a very complete service system and has a service team with rich experience, first-class technology and rigorous work. Getter Heavy Industries provides users with free on-site guidance installation, professional technical training, and a series of other services according to user needs, so it’s right to choose our factory for Getter Heavy Industries’ special urea grinder.