How does the disc granulator reduce the wear of parts?

The disc granulator  has an overall circular arc structure with a granulation rate of
over 93%. The granulation tray is provided with three boring ports, which facilitates
intermittent production operations, greatly reduces labor and improves labor
efficiency. The reducer and the motor are flexibly driven by a flexible belt, and the
starting is stable, the buffering force is reduced, and the service life of the
equipment is improved.

The disc granulator  consists of a large plate, a large gear, a transmission part, a
frame, a base, a scraper frame, and a powerless scraper.
1 The main body of the disc granulator, the main body comprises a frame, an
adjusting part and a granulation disc;
2 one main reducer, the input shaft is equipped with a pulley, and the output shaft
is equipped with a pinion;
3 main point motivation, one belt pulley;
4 support granulation disc device, including one spindle, two sets of roller bearings,
two bearing housings;

The disc granulator is reinforced with a plurality of radiant steel plates, which are
durable and never deformed. Thickened, weighted, sturdy base design, no
It needs to be fixed by anchor bolts and runs smoothly. The main gear of the
granulator is quenched by high frequency and the service life is doubled. The
machine has the characteristics of uniform granulation, high granulation rate,
stable operation, durable equipment and long service life. It is an ideal equipment
for users to choose.

So how do you reduce the wear and tear on the parts of the disc granulator  ?
1. Minimize the damage of the impact to the drive key. Before tightening the hoop
screw, we can rotate the ring mold counterclockwise to minimize the gap between
the drive key and the ring die keyway.
2. Apply a layer of grease to the surface of the wear ring to reduce wear and also
facilitate the installation of the ring mold. If the mating surface of the ring mold
and the wear ring is found to be bright, it means that the wear ring is worn out and
needs to be replaced immediately. The wear ring wear will cause the ring mold to
no longer rotate in the circumference, but the single pendulum type will move.
Accelerate the fatigue of the air bearing front bearing and affect the service life of
the bearing.