Routine maintenance and maintenance of Drum Granulator

Rotary drum fertilizer granulator for high, medium and low concentration
compound fertilizer production. Due to its high granulation rate and high output, it
has become a key fertilizer machine in the production of compound fertilizer. Since
the investment in fertilizer plants is quite large, investors should pay more
attention to the correct installation and daily maintenance of all fertilizer
equipment to ensure the effectiveness of compound fertilizer production.

Here are some precautions for daily maintenance and maintenance of the drum
1. Regularly refuel the transmission part of the granulator, lubricate the pressure
roller bearing every 2 hours, and lubricate the front bearing of the main shaft every
4 hours to ensure the flexible rotation of the transmission part of the granulator
and reduce the working load.
2. Regularly replace the lubricating oil in the gear box of the drum granulator. After the
new machine is operated for half a month, the oil needs to be replaced once. After
each continuous operation, it must be replaced once for about 1000 hours, which
can extend the service life of the gear.
3. Once a week, you must carefully check whether the connecting parts of each part
are loose, whether the travel safety switch is reliable, and clean the feeding auger
and conditioner to avoid mechanical failure.
4. Check the wear of the drive button and the stamper lining and hoop every half
month. It is found that the wear is replaced in time to avoid the ring mold sway and
affect the output.

Drum granulator installation
1. The equipment should be installed on a level concrete foundation and fixed with
anchor bolts.
2. When installing, pay attention to the vertical direction of the main body and the
3. After installation, check whether the bolts in all parts are loose and the main
door is tight. If so, tighten it.
4. Configure the power cord and control switch according to the power of the
5. After the inspection is completed, the empty load test is carried out, and the test
can be carried out normally.

Drum granulator common problems and solutions
Q: The scorpion is sliding. How to solve the problem?
A: The 1 dish-shaped splicing slider is not clamped. The turntable is sandwiched
between a drum type fertilizer granulator and a dish joint.
2 The disc joint and the braid are not clamped in the radial direction. You can use
the bottom plate or clamp it. Note that it is over-clamped or unevenly clamped to
avoid accidents.
Q: The drum granulator is in a misaligned state. How to adjust the position?
Answer: 1 The riding wheel is worn. Repair or replace the riding wheel according to
the degree of wear.
2 gear wear. You can fix, remove and replace gears according to the wear rate of
the drum granulator.
Q: The drum granulator gear is in a misaligned state. How to regulate its status?
A: 1 pinion is wearing. In turn install the pinion. If both sides are worn, new gears
need to be replaced for rotational wear