How to build a organic fertilizer production line

Organic fertilizer production line is the production of organic fertilizer equipment for raw materials such as chicken and pig manure, mainly including extrusion granulator, roller granulator, roller sieve, high wet material dryer, BB fertilizer mixing machine, roller type compound fertilizer granulator, fermentation turnover machine, BB fertilizer mixing equipment, extrusion granulator, LP series chain crusher, multi-functional organic fertilizer (biological) ball granulator, roller sieve machine, cage crusher, roller extrusion granulator, BB fertilizer production line.

Organic fertilizer production line related to many aspects of construction, manufacturers in the construction of organic fertilizer production line often meet many problems, don’t know how to select each link need machine and how to produce high quality organic fertilizer, to share how to build a right under the organic fertilizer production line

Each equipment in each link of the organic fertilizer production line can have a variety of choices, and is not a single fixed production model, such as mixing link, the common mixer has vertical mixing, horizontal mixer, double shaft mixing, etc. Granulation disc granulation, extrusion granulation, stirring teeth granulation, multi – in – one granulation and so on; Equipment and equipment transport links, belt conveyor, screw conveyor, and large Angle conveyor and so on

Organic fertilizer production can be divided into four steps: fermentation – crushing – granulation – drying – packaging, these necessary steps also have more extended procedures, such as stirring, cooling, screening, coating, etc.
Organic fertilizer production line how to choose, depending on the need to make the raw material of organic fertilizer, crushing the link, the choice of crusher vary according to the moisture content of raw material, usually water content higher raw materials suitable for choose crusher for crushing of half wet material is, if it is dry materials, such as dry cow dung, sheep dung can choose vertical crusher for crushing;

In the granulation process, according to the fiber size of the raw material, the raw material of the finer fiber is not usually used as a disc, or drum granulator, such as chicken manure; For coarse fiber materials, flat film extrusion granulator is used. For example: cow dung, straw and so on. In the drying link, if the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to carry a cooling machine after the drying process, which is mainly to place particles caused by overheating caking phenomenon, in the late granulation, there are coating, paring and other processes optional, these are the procedures for finished beauty, make the particles more beautiful, neat, and look very good.