How to Maintain the Organic Fertilizer Granulator?

The organic fertilizer granulator is mainly to granulate the fermented organic fertilizer, which is very important in the process of organic fertilizer production.Reasonable maintenance can extend its service life and maximize its value. Let’s take a look at the maintenance methods of the organic fertilizer granulator.

1. Keep the machine clean. After the granulator is used, the dirt and debris on the outside of the organic fertilizer granulator should be removed, black oil, waste engine oil, etc. should be painted, and a protective cover should be put on.

2. Deal with rusty and damaged parts in time. When the organic fertilizer granulator is not working, the rusty or damaged parts in the organic fertilizer granulator should be removed, especially the motor, reducer, conveyor belt, transmission chain, etc.

3. Pay attention to the operation of the organic fertilizer granulator. If you find a serious abnormal noise such as noise, you should stop using it immediately, check it, and use it after troubleshooting.

4. For the open-air organic fertilizer granulator, the easily deformable parts should be leveled or erected to eliminate the factors causing deformation.

5. When the organic fertilizer equipment is overhauled, the working gap should be re-measured each time and adjusted several time.It can be used only after it meets the standards. 

 6. Do a good job of heat preservation. The driving part of each part of the organic fertilizer granulator may be slow to start or unable to start due to freezing. Therefore, heat preservation measures must be taken for the organic fertilizer granulator. At the same time, the raw materials used in the operation of the organic fertilizer granulator should also be treated with antifreeze.

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