how to use Gate factory directly hot sale counter-roll granulator

The extrusion granulator is also called the counter-roll granulator. The working principle of the counter-rolling granulator equipment: all kinds of dry powder materials are added from the top of the roller granulator, and degassed and screwed into the opposite roller. Under the action of the great squeezing force of the roller granulator, the material is plastically deformed and compressed into a sheet. The sheet material is subjected to crushing, granulating, sieving and the like to obtain a granulated product.

By changing the groove form of the roll surface, a sheet, strip and flat spherical material can be obtained. The pressing force of the roll granulator can be adjusted by the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder according to the needs of the granulation operation.

The extrusion granulator has many advantages over the conventional granulation equipment. The obvious advantage is that the extrusion is formed once. The granulation rate of the roll granulator is high. Even in the rainy days. It can work as usual. The roller granulator is the national patent product pioneered by the fertilizer granulation machine. The principle of the extrusion granulator is to press the powder material through the rolling roll to form particles of various shapes.

It is easy to transport and use. It has no dust flying during the second operation, reducing material loss and environmental pollution. For the roll granulator, it can be used for dry granulation of various powder materials. Production of granular products of different specifications and shapes. At present, the roller granulator has been widely used in the granulation of powder raw materials in the industrial sectors such as fertilizer, building materials, medicine, chemical industry, smelting and coal.

Instructions for the use of the roller extrusion granulator: the roller granulator should be started under no load, and it is strictly forbidden to open the material. It is strictly forbidden to enter the material to avoid breaking the roller shaft.

Open the front of the extrusion granulator to wipe the yellow dry oil. For the chain and sprocket of the roller granulator, dry the oil every 7 days. The granulator bearing shell is used once every three months or replaced with new ones. Yellow dry oil. Before the use of the roller granulator, the gear oil must be added once before production and use, and the gear oil is changed every four months.

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