How to expand production scale for small organic fertilizer production line manufacturers

The large amount of application in large agriculture is the fertilizer made by fermenting chicken manure and microbial fungi. After microbial fermentation, the chicken manure has no odor, in the disinfection and detoxification, the harmful fungi in chicken manure and Harmful substances can also be effectively removed. Farmers use organic fertilizers much better than single chicken manure or fertilizer.

organic fertilizer granulator machine
The large demand of chicken manure organic fertilizer also allows the original small chicken manure organic fertilizer production line manufacturers to see the value-added space of profit. Then, what kind of work is needed to expand the production scale of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line?
double roller extrusion granulator machine
The production scale will become larger and the quality should be improved. The manufacturer must add chicken manure organic fertilizer production equipment and large-scale mixing equipment for organic fertilizer production equipment, so that the microbial fungi can be uniformly mixed in the raw materials such as chicken manure. After full fermentation, large-scale drying is required. The equipment removes moisture from the fermentation product and granulates the package.

These indispensable large-scale equipment is at least several hundred thousand yuan, which is unbearable for small micro-ecological preparation enterprises that generally use thousands of yuan or tens of thousands of production equipment.

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