Installation And Commissioning of fertilizer Rotary Drum Granulator

Energy-saving rotary drum granulator for the production of npk fertilizer is provided by professional fertilizer machine and production line manufacturer-Henan Gate heavy Industry, we provide the excellent service of installation guidance and after-sales.Here is the steps of Installation of fertilizer rotary drum granulator.

1. Installation of fertilizer rotary drum ganrulator:
After the machine arrives at the factory, it should be installed in accordance with the process flow and be pointed out that the elevation and horizontal position of the machine, installed in an inclined position with a general inclination of 2-5 degrees (which can be adjusted by the user). Mechanical pad between the base and foundation plate thickness should be not more than 30-35 ㎜;
(1) Base plate is used to adjust the height of the base to make the bottom 5 degrees tilt;
(2) The adjustment of base is suitable for the cylinder on the support, following adjust the riding wheel;
(3) Install the transmission part of the rotary drum granulator;
(4) Make sure the adjustment of the riding wheel, transmission device, cylinder is appropriate, start pouring cement, after 8-10 days, cement solidification, start no-load test;
(5) The adjustment method of body position:
A. On the body of the fertilizer rotary drum granulator, install two parallel steel wire, the wire diameter is 0.5-1 ㎜ and use the level meter to check the level of the steel wire;
B. Two phase hammers tangent to the sphericity are lowered from each sphericity along both sides of the dryer;
C. Measure the distance from the wire to the pendant to detect the horizontal position of the body;
D. Check the position of the body on the vertical plane by detecting the relative vertical elevation of two higher points of the rolling circle;
E. Adjust the measurement of c and d by the way of mobile electric pulley, so that the body is in the correct position;

2. No-load commissioning of fertilizer rotary drum granulator:
A. No-load test is lasting for 8 hours, temperature of the bearing should be steady rise, bearing temperature at the termination of the trial run shall not be higher than 50 ℃;
B. The noise of gears should be even, should not be higher or lower;
C. Observe that the bearings shall not have serious wear and abrasion after the test.

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