New organic fertilizer granulator for sale

Advantages of the new organic fertilizer granulator:

1. The organic raw material concentration and granulation rate are both high, and 100% pure organic fertilizer granules can be produced to directly meet customer needs.
2. The final particles are spherical and uniform in shape, ensuring the quality of organic fertilizer particles.
3. The high hardness particles produced can be sieved immediately after the granulation process. It can save energy wasted during the drying process of fertilizer.
4. The organic raw materials do not need to be dried or pulverized, and the production process is more efficient and economical.
5. Change the amount of mixed raw materials and the rotational speed of the main shaft, and the size of the organic fertilizer particles can be changed. It can be adjusted according to actual needs to produce products that meet the needs.
6. Organic fertilizer pellet machines can be inlaid with each other under certain conditions. No need to add a binder during the granulation process.

New organic fertilizer granulator application:

It is suitable for granulation of various organic raw materials, turning waste into treasures, and conforming to the development trend of organic fertilizer production. To ensure the quality of fertilizer granules, the new organic fertilizer granulator has low energy consumption, low production cost and high output, and is considered to be the best organic fertilizer granulator. It is the most widely used equipment in small organic fertilizer plants.

Itroduction of new organic fertilizer special granulator:

The new organic fertilizer granulator is produced using the latest technology in the field of organic fertilizer production. It is used to granulate various organic raw materials after the fermentation process. Unlike traditional methods of making organic fertilizers, raw materials do not need to be dried or pulverized to make the production process more efficient and energy efficient. The finished organic fertilizer granules are spherical and highly qualified, producing uniform spherical fertilizer granules at one time. The highest production speed can reach 1-2t/h, so it is considered to be the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to produce organic fertilizer.