Straw crusher in Gate for sale

The Gate straw crusher is a special equipment for straw smashing series invented after years of research and design according to the needs of industrial production in China. The straw crusher is mainly used for chopping processing of plant straws such as crop straws and branches with a diameter of 5 cm or less, and can also be used for chopping processing of various crop straws and pastures. The whole set of equipment is mainly used for the chopping processing of biomass such as cotton stalks, bark, branches, corn stalks, wheat straw and straw.


The parameters of straw crusher

Model Power Capacity Weight
550×600 22kw 0.8-1.5t/h 1t
600×800 37kw 1-2t/h 1.3t
600×1000 45kw 1.5-2.5t/h 1.6t
600×1200 55kw 2-4t/h 2t
800×1500 75kw 2.5-5t/h 2.5t

Application of straw crusher
The straw crusher is mainly suitable for pulverizing a variety of plants within a year of growth: such as smashable cotton, corn stalk, eggplant, pepper simmer, etc. The pulverization length can be manufactured according to customer requirements. The crushed agricultural plant debris can be used to manufacture raw materials for various production industries such as organic fertilizer, fuel, particleboard, and paper. The straw crusher turns a large amount of green garbage into treasure and exerts new economic value. At the same time, it also protects the environment, improves the soil, and creates good social benefits.

The working principle of straw crusher
The straw crusher adopts blade cutting and high-speed airflow impact, and the collision double pulverizing function is integrated, and the micro-material sorting processing process can be completed at the same time. During the cutting and pulverizing process of the blade, the rotor generates a high-speed airflow, which rotates in the cutting direction of the blade, accelerates the material in the airflow, and repeatedly impacts the material to be double pulverized at the same time,accelerating the pulverization rate of the material.