The advantages and application of organic fertilizer rounder

Threw the circular machine including single knitting machine and double circular machine, three layers of circular machine. Cast round machine adopts double disk high-speed polishing plastic technology, widely used in livestock and poultry dung,
urban sludge, household waste, sugar mill filter mud, papermaking sludge, lees, bean dregs, straw, the rounding machine lime direct granulation, organic materials such as cast round machine has been widely used in organic fertilizer granulation.


Advantages of organic fertilizer throwing machine
1. The shape of the rounding machine is beautiful, economical and practical.
2, the rounding machine has strong carrying capacity and can run at high speed for a long time.
3. The overall power consumption of the rounding machine is low and the cost is small.
4. After the rounding machine is rounded, the fertilizer particles can be evenly sized and bright and smooth.


Working Principle of Circular Throwing Machine

The circular throwing machine consists of two or more cylinders arranged in sequence. The material is discharged from the discharge outlet after several centrifugal throwing rounds. The rounding machine uses chicken manure and other livestock manure as the main raw materials for organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and compound fertilizer particle rounding; the rounding machine uses straw ash, lignite, organic fertilizer sludge, straw and other raw materials for biological organic fertilizer particle rounding; the rounding machine uses bean cake as the main raw material for cake fertilizer particle rounding.

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