use of organic fertilizer disc granulator machine

Organic fertilizer disc granulator
When using a disc granulator, a converting granulator, a horizontal centrifugal granulator, etc. for organic granulation, the viscosity of the material itself is determined, and this viscosity has a great relationship with the moisture. Organic fertilizer raw materials are generally loose after fermentation, and it is necessary to add certain water or binder to granulate. Different organic fertilizer granulator equipments have different moisture requirements for materials.

What are the advantages of organic fertilizer disc granulator?
The disc granulator is suitable for granulation of organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer. Due to the high granulation rate, the equipment is sturdy and durable, the service life is long,the output is large, and the operation is stable, and the user chooses the ideal organic fertilizer granulation equipment. The bottom of the granulation disc is reinforced with a number of radiant steel plates, which are sturdy and durable and never deformed. In addition, the disc organic fertilizer granulator adopts a thickened and weighted base design to make the operation more stable. A disc cleaning device is installed above the disc to remove all the bonding layers on the bottom and the edge of the disc. , greatly reducing the recognized labor intensity.

How does the organic fertilizer disc granulator work?
Various dry powder materials are added from the top of the organic fertilizer disc granulator, degassed, spirally pre-compressed and transported to the arc-shaped notches of the two rolls, and the two rolls are rotated at opposite speeds and reversely to bite the material into the tank. And the forced compression, the pressure of the material after passing through the compression zone is gradually reduced, the surface tension and gravity make it naturally escape, the crusher and the granulator are broken and trimmed, and then enter the vibrating screen for screening, and the qualified products pass. The organic fertilizer disc granulator conveyor is sent to the finished product warehouse or directly packaged. The powdered sieve material is again sent back to the raw material warehouse through the feeding device for secondary rolling. The pressing force can be based on the particle strength. Adjusted by the hydraulic system. By changing the groove form of the roll surface, materials such as flakes, strips, olives, and spheroids can be obtained.