What are the effective care methods for organic fertilizer equipment?

Organic fertilizer equipment has many advantages such as simple operation, stable operation, good economic benefits, high production efficiency, and convenient subsequent maintenance.However, organic fertilizer equipment, like automobiles, is often in use and therefore requires maintenance. However, many people often ignore this problem, resulting in a shortened life of organic fertilizer equipment. GATE is a professional manufacturer of organic fertilizer equipment, and can provide some suggestions for consumers who use organic fertilizer equipment.

Early care of organic fertilizer equipment:

1. In the maintenance of organic fertilizer equipment, we will mention the maintenance of bearings and the maintenance of various parts, but when there is a failure, users will still be confused and do not know how to start. Therefore, in addition to the daily lubrication of the best organic fertilizer equipment, when installing the organic fertilizer equipment and equipment, listen carefully to the installer’s face-to-face instructions for common fault response methods.
2. The content in my head is the same as the physical parts of the equipment. When we maintain and deal with small failures of organic fertilizer equipment, we can make good use of various suggestions.
3. Directly contact organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers and follow professional maintenance methods.

Later maintenance of organic fertilizer equipment:

1. If the rotating gear in the organic fertilizer equipment is running, if there is an impact sound, the inspection should be stopped and eliminated immediately;
2. Newly installed tires are easy to loose and must be checked frequently;
3, pay attention to check the wear degree of wear-resistant parts of organic fertilizer equipment, and always pay attention to replacing worn parts;
4. The bottom plane of the movable device of organic fertilizer equipment should be cleared of dust and other debris to prevent the mobile bearing from moving on the chassis when the machine encounters unbreakable materials, causing serious accidents;
5, organic fertilizer production equipment should pay attention to the work of various parts of the machine is normal.