How to maintain idle disc fertilizer granulators?

Disc granulator is an important equipment in compound fertilizer equipment, but because the production of compound fertilizer equipment is carried out according to the weather or the order, sometimes the production will be very frequent, but sometimes the production is very small, even very The disc granulator is not used for a long time, so the disc granulator will not be used. If we encounter the disc granulator that is not used for a long time, how should we maintain the disc granulator?

Advantages of disc granulators:

1.The disc granulator has novel structure, light weight, low height, and flexible and convenient process layout.
2.Easy adjustment of the inclination angle of the disc pelletizer into a ball disc
3. The pellets of the disc granulator are not pulled or torn when they come out of the disc;
4. The disc granulator has higher assembly accuracy and smoother operation;
5. The scraper device of the disc granulator can clean the bottom and the edge, and use it with the optimized ball forming disc to make the ball effect better.

Note for idle disc granulators:

1. Daily maintenance method. After the fertilizer disc granulator is finished running, the interior is cleaned and cleaned. The power and switch of the disc granulator should be placed reasonably.
2. If the disc granulator is useless for more than 1 month, all the raw materials in the disc should be removed and the internal dirt should be clean.
3. The disc granulator is best installed indoors to avoid rain erosion. If it is placed outdoors, it needs to be covered.
4. The disc granulator has been placed for a long time. It is necessary to completely remove all components, rinse them, and then turn on the power to dry the interior with a slight fire. Some components need to be removed to avoid being corroded by the outside air.