Why does the Gate Disc Fertilizer Granulator focus on quality?

The disc granulator is one of the more important equipment in organic fertilizer equipment. It is responsible for the granulation process in the fertilizer production line and has a direct impact on the quality of the product. The quality of the disc granulator is one of the important indicators of equipment production efficiency. The major premise is that the quality must pass the customs. Only when the quality is positive can the sales volume be directly proportional. Therefore, strengthening the production quality of disc granulators is our goal that GAT has always valued.

Why emphasize the quality of disc granulators?

1. All industries must continue to innovate and strive for survival by quality, and disc granulator manufacturers are no exception. While ensuring the quality of the disc
granulator, we also fully consider the customer experience, and the machine runs more smoothly.
2. Only when the quality of the disc granulator can withstand the test of customers can it form a word of mouth effect and lay the foundation for future sales. Quality builds the Gate brand.
3, the quality of the disc granulator is good, only then can there be the confidence of publicity, so that more users of organic fertilizer equipment can see. They are willing to pay for your disc granulator. Quality is the foundation of disc granulator survival.

What are the advantages of Gate’s new disc granulator?

1. The bottom of the disc granulator is reinforced with multiple radiant steel plates, which has high strength and rigidity.
2. The transmission gear of the disc granulator adopts high-frequency quenching treatment and has a long service life.
3.Gate disc granulator starts smoothly, has low impact and high efficiency
4. The pelletizing rate of the disc granulator is high, which can reach 93%.